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Landscapes with Skaters

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Landscape with Skater (Spanish: Paisaje con patinadores) is an oil on canvas painting by Flemish artist Joos de Momper. The painting is today considered a collaboration between the latter and Jan Brueghel the Elder. It was painted between 1615 and 1625. The painting is kept in the Museum of Prado in Madrid.

The painting depicts a group of villagers engaged in common activities on a winter day. The landscape is clearly in the style of de Momper. The sky is leaden. Some villagers are at work, others are skating over a frozen canal.

The perspective is elevated, and the central building in the painting functions as the axis for the houses’ distribution in the depicted village. The horizon line is high in the background, where a hilly landscape is depicted. In the foreground, there are the frozen canal with the skaters and a snowy road ending into the right bottom end of the painting.

The painting is part of a series treating the four seasons started by de Momper in 1615. The influence of Brueghel the Elder is therefore clear. However, de Momper didn’t use allegory and symbolism. He limited himself to the representation of the landscape. The figures in the painting have been attributed to Jan Brueghel the Elde.

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