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Professional translation services

Professional translation services

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Get your translation and localisation projects done faster, with a more accurate workflow and noticeably higher quality. An excellent, experienced and faithful professional native Spanish/Castilian translator, along with the latest translation technologies.


Prices for Professional Translations

*Prices shown do not include VAT. Additional charges may apply for urgent or professional works.

General Translation

Perfect for general translation for personal use, business support or e-commerce


Professional Translation

Perfect for general business and technical translations, websites and tourism...


Specialized Translation

Perfect for the professional translation in marketing, legal or literary documents... (specialised translator).

Literary translation from 10 € / page.

Fran ANAYA - Translator

As a professional linguist, I offer your business, publishing house, institution or individual to get accurate and high quality translations into European Spanish.

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Specialised linguist translating from German to Spanish (es-ES)