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Cooperation with International Organisations

International Organisations aim to jointly regulate political, economic, military and cultural affairs. A distinction is made between “International Governmental Organisations” (IGOs) and “International Non-Governmental Organisations” (NGOs). The first are organisations of states created by multilateral international treaties with their own bodies and competences. The United Nations (UN) has the largest reach of all, with 193 member states (2019). Membership of certain supranational organisations is associated with a partial surrender of sovereignty (e.g. European Union).

Non-Governmental International Organizations (NGOs) form associations of social actors for cross-border cooperation. They range from political organisations such as Greenpeace or Amnesty International to those from the fields of sport and culture.


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If you realise how long states negotiate the use of this or that term, it becomes clear that accuracy is of the utmost importance. A translation mistake can quickly lead to diplomatic disputes, which is why the selection of qualified translators and interpreters is very strict.

I have gained in-depth knowledge in these areas and also comprehensive professional experience in working with international organisations…

The concept of Geopolitics

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What is meant by International Organisation?

In political science, international institutions are understood to be all those rule- and norm-based behavioural patterns or processes that lead to a mutual convergence, i.e. alignment, of the behavioural expectations of the actors involved.

What exactly is Geopolitics?

Geopolitics is an interdisciplinary subject area that has long been part of geography and neighbouring disciplines (history and political science) and which sees the recognition of spatial conditions as an important prerequisite for explaining political structures and processes, especially in an international context.

The role of the translator for inter-institutional organisations?

Translators must be able to select the appropriate linguistic register for each type of text. In addition to excellent knowledge of the target language, great adaptability and good judgement as well as the ability to quickly grasp a wide variety of often complex topics are indispensable. These can be internal or external translators. Within the language departments, the individual translators are specialised in texts from specific subject areas.

Quality of translations

Translation quality is guaranteed in two ways: The target texts are checked, proofread or revised, and the translators are continuously trained and informed about relevant developments. Externally translated texts are systematically evaluated and the external service providers receive feedback.

Basic requirement

A basic prerequisite for a good target text is a carefully written source text. Comprehensible, concise and carefully written texts are known to be of central importance for any authority; this is especially true for a multilingual organization where most authors do not work in their native language.

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